Monday, September 17, 2012

Lousy Reasons to do Random Things

Soooo I haven't posted anything in a really long time. Really, I kind of gave up on my blog. But, some of my friends were starting up their blogs and I thought I'd join. To me, that is a lousy reason but it is the only reason. Sometimes I just have to go with lousy reasons. Like, deciding to make a Jedi robe like the ones in Star Wars.
I'd like to say that it was for Halloween and that's the only reason why I'd want one. But really, I just want to make something and I've always loves flowey things like capes and robes. I love the Jedi's robes so I decided that tomorrow I'm going to Hobby Lobby to get lots of fabric and use a pattern I found on the internet. I'm really excited to make it. Also, I want to make some outer clothing that some Jedi wore. And buy another light saber(our dog chewed up the old ones).  But of course, I will be a Jedi for Halloween ;)
Haha sorry this post was pretty pointless. I hope it's not boring. Well, I better get to bed. It's kinda late. 'Night!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Why love? Because God loves

When you think about the people you love, you think of your family and friends. Only those two. What about all the other people you know? Do you love them too?
At that question you might think, "Really? Love everyone I know? Of course not"

But think about this. When your best friend loves somebody, that must mean that person is worth loving. If they are "cool" enough for you best friend to love, then you and love them too. You trust your friend's judgement to see good in that person and therefor, see it yourself. You end up seeing that person through your friend's eyes.

Now let's say that God is your best friend. Now look at a person you simply dislike. God loves that person for being themselves. Do you trust God? If God loves someone, shouldn't you love that person too?

Now if someone does something mean to your friend, and your friend is really hurt, you are really mad at that person. If your friend forgives that person, you do too. We trust our friend's feelings toward that person. They hate someone, we hate that person because our friend hates them. If they love someone, we do too.
What if we considered God our best friend? Love people because he loves them? View things as if God was your best friend. If he really loves the one person you hate, see them through God's eyes. He made that person and thinks they are perfect. If you treated God like your best friend, you would try to see the good in that person. You may think it's not there, but if God sees it, it most definitely is there.

I was at school the other day, and I was looking around at all the people in my grade and knew there are just a few girls I dislike. I don't really care for their character or they way they look at things and how they talk. But really, God loves them! Shouldn't I? Let me rephrase that statement. My best friend loves them! Isn't that reason enough to love them?

You see, I'm trying to get it out of your head of the God you hear about in church, and into your head that He is not just an almighty person just up in space simply loving every being on earth and helps people out. He wants more than that! He wants a relationship. He wants to be your best friend. Someone you can trust with all your secretes, wishes, desires and thoughts without judging you. He won't listen to you and think, "what a weirdo". He will listen to you and love you! Because you are being you! Not trying to be anyone else. Your best friend can tell when you're not being yourself. They like you best when you don't hold back, be you!

Next time you think, "God loves them", instead think, "My bestest friend in the whole, wide, world loves them sooooo much and would die a hundred times over for them!!!!"

Why love? Because God loves

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Key Signatures

I have this pet peeve.
I can't stand it when people completely ignore key signatures. If they just forget and play a wrong note but realize their mistake, that's fine with me. But you just don't completely ignore the few sharps/flats at the beginning of the bar!
 I am in the Sinfonietta Orchestra of our city youth orchestra, which I am not very proud to say. And, somehow, someway, I got into 6th chair and I don't know why. True, I did not do well enough in the chair tests to get either the 1st or 2nd chair but I did not do bad enough to get 2 chairs behind the one person who had to start over a couple of times to get it right. 
Anyway! I can't stand it when people play an F natural in the key of G major. You just don't do that! Every musician should know that the one sharp at the beginning of the bar means that when you come to an F, you play an F# unless you are told to do otherwise! And if you are hearing half of the cellos disagreeing on a note, I suggest that you make sure that you are right! And if not, take out your handy-dandy pencil and make a mark. and maybe do to all the F#s in your music!
We are in such easy keys! No more than two sharps or flats in all of our key signatures! I know that everybody in this orchestra is capable of playing the right notes. If only they would try.
So, if you ever start any kind of musical instrument that reads music, please take note of the sharps/flats at the beginning of the bar. And if you don't know what they mean, find out.

*phew* Glad that's finally out of my system. Now I can stop complaining this to all my friends and family!


Saturday, February 18, 2012

My solution to life: Music

I am a music lover, no, music is a part of me. When you watch someone playing a piece, and they make really weird faces and move around while they play, you might think something might be wrong with them, or they are just plain weird. But this is the music taking over them. This is when the player stops playing for you and starts playing for the sake of making beautiful music. This is when they stop thinking about how, when, and where the music is made.

When I perform, I do it for the sheer joy of it. I do it because I love to make beautiful music. When I sit down to practice, I sit for 15 minutes making all sorts of sounds and tunes before I ever look at my scales and etudes. Doesn't help me in my lesson, but I have a whole lot of fun! I just need to do that after I practice my goal time. Which, unfortunately, never happens. I love playing, but I hate practicing. Someday, I'll find a way to make myself love practicing.
One of my solutions to life:

Learn to love making music, listening to music, cello, playing cello, music theory, lessons, hard music, sight-reading, the circle of fifths with relative minors, shifting from one string to another, thumb position, etudes, double-stops, vibrato, that sound rosin makes on your bow, and practicing.

Do this, and life will be like a bowl of cello.



Monday, February 6, 2012

So, I've never had a blog before! I've never gone out and looked at many blogs either so I'm starting this completely ignorant to how blog posts are supposed to be written. Whether they have a way they are supposed to be written or not. Either way, it works out in my favor.

You see, I don't want my blog to be like the ordinary blog. I want it to be completely unique. Hopefully like no blog you've ever seen before. I wouldn't know because I never see blogs. What I don't want to do is write differently only because I want or don't want my blog to be like other blogs. Mainly, I don't want my thoughts to be influenced by what other people think about them.

I created this blog because this whole post was basically thought of when I was in bed, in study hall., or just plain bored! This is kinda my substitute for a personal diary. A place where I can write non-personal stuff that I feel should be shared with the world. Plus, it's easier to type on the computer with spell check and the easy backspace button than my hard to read, cursive, and sloppy handwriting in pen.

In this blog, I may write about just any random thing on my mind. How I view things. Like music, friends, family, God, school, and a bunch of other things. I really do enjoy writing stuff like this and there will be more soon. I think a lot when I'm bored and I feel very relieved now that I have a place to put all of my thoughts.
Until next time!

Thanks for reading!